Ponath Soil Biology Lab

Biological assessments of soil & compost

Is your soil or compost helping or hurting your plants?

If despite all your efforts you are not having

  • Bountiful harvests

  • Healthy plants

but instead are having

  • Low yields,

  • Poor quality fruits / vegetables,

  • Pests or diseases, or

  • Weeds

the quality of your soil / compost is a likely cause.

The quality of soil and compost is best assessed by a microscopic analysis of the microorganisms that are beneficial and detrimental to plants.
The assessment of microorganisms helps determine the health of the soil food web in your soil or compost and the types of plants it promotes.

A functioning soil food web provides

  • Increased yields

  • Healthier plants

  • Disease and pest resistance

  • Weed suppression

  • Nutritious crops

without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Assessing Your Soil and Compost

  1. Determine how many samples to send (see how)

  2. Contact us to schedule your assessment (we want to ensure we are able to process your samples ASAP for the most accurate results)

  3. Fill out the Order Form

  4. Collect and send the samples the same day (see how)

  5. Receive your assessment a few days later (see a Sample Report)

Please contact us for any questions or special requests.

Please note that we do not provide testing for chemicals, radiation, minerals, or nutrients in soil. The Washington State Department of Ecology maintains a database of accredited test labs here.